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Hello Parents,

We have come so far in working with both students and teachers on the use of technology, using ICTs to improve learning and creating positive digital footprints that the digital divide for those in our community who haven't had these opportunities is widening.  We see our parents as not only the primary educators of their children but also as our partners in working with their children.

To help those parents who feel like their children are leaving them behind in their use of technology catch up (and maybe even get ahead) I have decided to create this blog which will link into our iCentre website and be included in the school newsletter.

I have created a second page to this blog for feedback from parents on topics that they would like me to cover so please feel free to comment so that I can make this relevant to you and the things you would like to know.

Anita Garnsworthy

Onto the first post....

The Basics

Where to Start...

With Your Daughter

If your daughter is using a program or app you don't know how to use, ask her to show you.  Not only is it a great way for you to connect, it's also a fantastic opportunity for her to show you how clever she is.

Google It

This is my secret weapon.  I don't know everything - I know surprising isn't it.  What I do know is how to find the answer. I go to Google and type in what I want to know and most of the time I find the answer.  Knowing the correct names for activities \ tools \ processes you want to know about does make it easier but until you know that language, describing what you want to happen is often a great starting point.

Atomic Learning

Our school subscribes to Atomic Learning.  Your daughter has her own username but we also have a generic school login account.  One of the fantastic things about Atomic Learning is that part of our subscription is that is freely available to students and their families.  Atomic learning has hundreds of video tutorials on how to use many different types of software - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), the Adobe Creative Suite, many iPad apps along with many, many other programs.  Why not log on and take a look.

Some General IT skills

I came across Teach Parents Tech today.  Whilst it is a tongue in cheek way for your daughter to set you up with the skills she thinks you may need to know, the videos available in the middle section are quick and short skills tutorials.

View the whole website at

Next week

Learn how you can support your daughter's development of numeracy and mathematics with Khan Academy.

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